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Why Choose Product Regulatory Services LLC?


Our story began in 2014 with two independent consultants engaged with a business divested from a major multi national organization. Our remit was to assist the new organization with the establishment and operation of their Regulatory Affairs and Product Stewardship organization. Since the divesting company utilized a shared services organization to perform this function and the sale did not include any of the shared services staff, there was no organization to carry forward the Regulatory and Product Stewardship support we were tasked to establish this within the new orginizatioon. The 30 plus years of combined experience – including the establishment of Regulatory Affairs and Product Stewardship organizations – positions us to cost-effectively support our customers by providing a full spectrum of Regulatory Services. 


In 2015 we recognized that there are many organizations with similar situations, where staffing a Regulatory and Product Stewardship service organization is difficult to justify, or is not a core competency of the company, and where there is strong interest to outsource this operation. Since our combined skills and breadth of experience was a perfect fit for this need we incorporated and formed Product Regulatory Services LLC. Steve Smith is Managing Director  of Product Regulatory Services LLC and leads a team of dedicated service specialists.

  • The company have completed Material safety data sheet (MSDS) implementations.

  • We have completed a project that helped a customer comply with the Reach Requirements such as managing inbound and outbound ESDS documents.

  • We have helped customers to complete product registrations with a new inventory in Thailand. Who assisted our customer by managing data collection project with the supplier’s to collect the necessary information needed for successful submissions to the new Thailand inventory.

  • We completed a REACH registration Dossier at the end of 2017 for a full registration.

  • We are helping a company develop a strategy to Identify and apply appropriate measures in the safety data sheet and exposure scenario.

Our Team

Product regulatory services has a focused program to enable students direct out of college that are not given opportunities to enter the workforce because of their lack of experience. Our program’s orientated to hire and develop juniors to a targeted career path in regulatory compliance. each junior are supported by the regulatory expert mentors and guides them through the development. As a result PRS are able to build our workforce while giving back to the community by hiring junior candidates.

PRS provides solutions independent of Software platforms through our embedded skills in the regulatory process improvement. We can help your company to utilized your current solution to its full potential and improve operational efficiency. Alternatively, if you are looking for a new solution, we can help you select the best solution to fit your company's needs. We can support this process through functional and technical implementation of the new solutions/software. We can provide competitive rates that can fit the needs of the company

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