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Product Compliance

What is Product Compliance?

  • There has been an increase in trend for consumers to want products that are safe and sustainable. This has influence EHS regulations to implement more rigid regulatory requirements. Product compliance is the act of having all product within a company comply with all required regulations.


  • Product compliance means that there is sufficient evidence for the product to show that it meets the requirements for compliance. These essential requirements can come in the forms of directives, regulations, and harmonized standards. The regulation requirements could be product specific, such as meeting all required criteria for a product that is a substance of very high concern (SVHC). The regulation could also be site specific, A factory in the desert could have different requirements than a factory located in a Suburb area. Proper management of product compliance enables you to save time, reduce costs and control risks.

Who has to be Product Compliant?

  • During any stage of a products life cycle where there is risk for exposure to a hazard there is responsibility for product compliance. This responsibility  includes:

    • Manufacturers

    • Importers

    • Formulators

    • Distributors

    • Consumers

The power of product compliance management


  • Product compliance within an organization can be a perplexing road to tackle alone. Product Regulatory Services  works directly with your company to help develop a process plan to have all products compliant. We create a means to Achieve product compliance in a transparent, efficient and direct approach that enables competitive advantages. Companies also have their own corporate requirements which we will assimilate into the process plan.

  • If you think that it is difficult and expensive to implement product compliance into your organization, let us show you it’s not. Let our expert staff set up a meeting to discuss how PRS can help your business.

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